We’ve tried to think of a country on earth that one of our consultants has NOT been to – and we’ve only come up with parts of the Middle East and Western Africa. Yes…. Our consultants are certainly well travelled!

Rick Haines

Rick Haines specialises in European destinations with a leaning towards Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Turkey and Greece. Rick actually spent his younger years as a tour guide throughout Europe, so he knows the ins and outs of each country very well. He is also a reasonable speaker of French, Italian and Spanish so he may have some helpful hints for you if heading to any of these countries.

Dawn Smith

Dawn Smith is our Cruise Specialist and has done extensive Ocean and European River Cruising throughout the world;  including Australia, the Pacific, Asia, the Mediterranean and Europe.  This is her favourite form of travel.   She travels regularly and has covered many other areas of the globe including Japan, South America, New Zealand, Fiji, Hawaii, Canada, USA and many more.  Having been in the travel industry for over 26 years, Dawn’s experience and knowledge means her clients receive exceptional advise and service when planning their holiday.

Peter Elks

Peter Elks has an  excess of 41 years  industry experience in all avenues of domestic and international travel and has  travelled extensively throughout  Australia, Asia, the Pacific  and  the Northern Americas. Should you have interests in Surfing or Fly-fishing around our big blue planet then Peter will be the one to speak to. Peter’s longstanding industry experience will   also ensure that you will get to your destination via the most direct means with the best possible connections and price for your chosen class of travel.

Cristi Juffermans

Cristi Juffermans is our groups travel guru, and also takes care of our corporate clients’ business travel arrangements. Cristi has travelled extensively through the Americas, Europe, Australia and the Pacific. She spent 9 months backpacking through South & Central America, she has lived in Canada and England, as well as in 4 different states of Australia. Combined with around 15 years’ of experience in the travel industry, Cristi is highly organised and very qualified to assist you with your next trip.

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